If you’re wondering what I have been up to during my long absence from this site, I’m not sure myself—just living, I guess, and that in itself is worthy of celebration. And I’ve been writing, of course, but not in a very disciplined manner—until I decided it was high time to get this book up and running.


Covid reminded us of the importance of keeping up with the folks we hold dear, and so now that we can again, we have enjoyed many meals and evenings by the fire with a glass of wine and good friends. Friends and food—an unbeatable combination.

We’ve also taken several memorable trips. Traveling doesn't get easier with age, but opting for comfort and efficiency over image and pride allows me to happily hop into an airport wheelchair when there’s a long walk to customs or the next gate.

This September, I spent two weeks on a literary tour in England with my daughter, Kate. We visited Jane Austen’s Bath and Agatha Christie’s Torquay, then went on to London for some incredible theatre: five plays in four days! A trip anywhere with my daughter is a delight, but this one topped all charts.

The crown jewels of the past ten years, of course, are the hours spent with granddaughters Eleanor and Beatrice. They are clever, inquisitive, and kind, and thinking of them puts a smile on my face. I’ve dedicated this book to them because they embody The Best Is Yet to Be.